GMC Denali donation, suggestions?


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I have a 2003 GMC Denali XL with good engine but rough exterior. It likely needs a front wheel and tire and possibly some alignment work. I would rather donate this vehicle than deal with repairs or towing back to Arizona. It is currently in the Sonoran Sea parking lot and needs moved asap. I am open to any suggestions from those who may know of any organization or individual in need of vehicle.


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It will be very hard to donate because it will need to be Nationalized at a cost of about 900.00 bucks otherwise a local risks getting it seized. How many miles are on it?


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I was just reading the "JoinUs" newspaper that I've seen in many lobbies, and the "Amores de Penasco" needs a car (p.18). It may be too big for what they need , but they might want it (Small).JPG