Wood Spinner

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Possibly the best I have had. The old Chinese on Sinaloa by the drinking water plant has a new chef and the food is perfect, hot and tasty. Prices good. I normally do not like their rice but this was even good. We had the Mongolian beef, rice, sweet and sour ribs, Lo Main, (not on the menu and slow to make) and BBQ pork. Others did but I did not like it. I do not remember the price but I think it was about $ 30.00 and worth every penny.

Jungle Jim

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Hey Wood..........

We ate at that place on Sinaloa ONCE and never again. The food was OK but the dishes that we ordered were pretty much all missing the main ingredient: MEAT. All we got was big heaping piles of carrots, some limp celerey, some limp broccoli, a ton of limp onion, some canned baby corn and not even a single bean sprout. We looked at the plates in front of the other customers there and every pile on every plate looked just like ours. Might be a good cheap hog trough feed for some vegans though.

Ya know that Reggies is doing their Chinese dinners again, and it's GOOD, loaded with chicken or shrimp and each plate more than you can ever eat.



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Hey Jim,

I was in Reggie's this past Thursday morning and the gal cashing me out said we are doing Chinese. I'm like whaaaattt? I've only known them for drunkin donuts and burritos. Decisions, decisions.