Great Mechanic on Freemont Street


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Just wanted to pass along the great service I got with my motorhome from SDS (Skilled Diagnostic Solutions)on Freemont Street. Doug Shukers quickly found my problem, fixed it and he came in under the price he quoted. This was the second vehicle I took to him and again the same results, fixed the problem and was less $$$ than quoted. Highly recommended ... (638)105-5909 or (480)939-9756 US number. His shop is just down by Brians.


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Nice to know, thanks for posting. Good mechanics are hard to find, especially the ones that are reasonable and honest.

Terry C

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I had them check my Suziki out once for either a injector problem or electrical problem. It seemed like it kept running out of gas. They scanned it and it turned out to be the computer. Brought one down and installed it and it runs fine.


Doug used to work for the repair shop I have used for years here in the valley, Salem Boys on Warner Rd in Tempe. I believe he also still works for Sullivan in Mesa occasionally, though I don't know much about that dealership.

Abe Gonzalez

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Yes!!! My Rhino happend to break down in front of his shop two years ago. He wasnt there so we towed the Rhino back to the beach house. He came over the next day, got it started and told me how to keep it running to enjoy the rest of tthe trip. He made the house call and he didnt want to charge me. He ist would even take some money for the "sodas". Great mechanic, great guy.