Help me identify these fish!


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Our annual spring break trip to RP was good for fishing this year. Calm winds and water. So, we caught some differenct fish this year and need your help in identifying some of them. See below....


These were all caught on a small "Little Cleo" off of Las Conchas in a kayak.

Thanks for your help!! :fish:
That is a male Spinster Wrasse... there is a photo of a larger male in my post in the pictures section Funky Fish... they are pretty common in the waters around Rocky Point... there is some video footage of a large one in my video Exotic Fish Upper Gulf of California also in the pictures section... they can get pretty curious of divers and snorkelers and will swim close by and hang around while you are underwater...

Thanks Guys! Now for the BONUS question. What is this fish?
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Aye carumba!!!
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Ye ol' lizardfish. I swear I hold the world record on that species, but some things are just too damned ugly and you throw them back...

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That wrasse is cool looking and if you were to buy one of those at a fish store for an aquarium that thing would be a $100!! Time to start importing...