Holiday Weekend Wait Times


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I know this year could be different than others but, what are typical wait times on the Monday afternoon if a holiday weekend? We usually stay the week but may have to head back on Labor Day and I am trying to determine how to maximize or beach time and still not get stuck with too long of a wait coming back into the US.


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This year with Covid who knows as you said?
Typically on Labor day if you leave during 10am -12 noon you would have a 60-120 minute wait.

Leave at 2-4pm typically a 2-5+ hour wait. Some people have luck leaving after 9pm though it's hit or miss, but I've known
a couple of friends who had the border closed on them before they crossed years ago. So they slept in their car in September, yuck.

The US border people won't speed up the process especially if they extend the non essential travel to Mexico again
only to see miles of cars coming from Mexico when there shouldn't be many cars at all.

Best advice anyone can give you is leave by 8am and the line should be under 40 minutes.
The earlier the better or stay that extra day.