Home appraisal


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Appraisals in the US are typically done for mortgage lenders. I spent a lot of time looking in Cholla Bay, and what I decided was that some list prices were optimistic, although one house we were interested in sold before we could marshal enough liquidity to buy it ourselves. if you are asking because you want to list it for sale, the best you can do is to study the existing inventory on Point2Point and rank your home in that listing. i had a great realtor in Cholla to recommend, but he died earlier this year after a long illness. The only price that actually matters in the end is the one that a buyer and seller agree on.


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Anyone know if there is a way to get an idea what a home in Cholla Bay is worth?
Prices are all over the place, Ocean Front start at $160k and up to over $1 mil. Interior homes start around $60k.

All depends on the location, views and how nice the house is. Value and real sales prices are never the same.

Rocky Point Dan has many Cholla listings. Search through it to get an idea of what the asking market is.

Prices have increased a lot over the past 3 years, whether you can find the right buyer at your asking price is another thing.