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Where online would I look for long term rentals in Mexican neighborhoods?
We've been asking the same question for about a year now with a bunch of dead end results. Search Google with keywords.

We've been looking for something like this in the Josefa Dominguez area...

$800 a month is a joke for that house though. I bet that same house rent was $450 to 500 a month two years ago.

$600 for this is an even bigger joke!!! 2 years ago this would have been $350/month 100%....

I used to search this site too.

About 6 months to a year ago we found a really nice house on POINT2 in one of the Mexican neighborhoods (can't remember which area) for $450/month with 12 month lease or $550 for 6 month lease... It was really nice, had gate/fence around property, well taken care of inside and out. It got scooped up fast though. It was only on there for maybe a week. $400 is pry our ceiling right now if we were to do something like that. We got this idea after many years of multiple trips inside the same month and as renters that can get expensive. We realized that we could probably rent something in town for the same price and get more for our money and be able to spend 3 weekends per month in Mexico.

I still think the better way to go about this is to find a local that can hook you up with someone that finds these houses. There are plenty of houses in the barrio that are for sale or rent but there's essentially no MLS or marketplace to find these houses. It seems that it's pretty much word of mouth, who you know type situation.