In-Home Health Care

mark miller

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Hi Folks, although I was forced to create a cancer fighting program for myself since Federal Blue Cross considered my specific cancer "rare" and, therefore, couldn't cover it, I will eventually perish and become a nasty jelly fish. So far, 95% reduction of cancer for a first time in the world and in history record for my totally lethal cancer. It can't last forever though. Upon my demise, I would like to know about any available health care workers who work in home care for my wife. She has a lung disease that is being bothered by the incredible amount of blown dirt here in Avra Valley Arizona and hence our move to slightly less wind speeds at RP. In the future, when I am a jelly fish, she would need a bit of help at an hourly rate say 4 hours a day (we're poor and so another reason to live in RP). Does anyone have any experience in this regard at RP? Should I just put a poster up at the local grocery? I want the health worker to get the full pay and not go with some little agency that will take most of the money. Those who respond I will promise not to sting in the future when you are swimming around north of Old Port.
-Anyone interested in my cancer fighting program can ask me questions in this venue but the program is multi faceted and cannot be a cherry picked. No one yet has been able to consistently exercise, follow a specific diet, give up booze and cigarettes and eat all the icky substances I suggest and complete an attitude change. Clue number one: kiss sugar goodbye.
Thanks all for your past and future help! Mark