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We will be staying for 6 months come September.
We are looking for recommendations for medical insurance as we currently use Medicare and a US supplement plan. Both of which will not work there.

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I suggest you invest in a reliable and fast car to get you to Lukeville in the event you have any serious medical needs. RP has very limited medical resources as most/all serious stuff is sent to Nogales, Hermosillo or other larger cities.


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We live here full time and when we relocated we researched and agonized over this. We concluded that regular medical care ( colds, flu, broken bones etc) is VERY inexpensive here. I came down with something and went to San Jose clinic and was seen, had a full blood work up, and got meds for a total of $29.
For serious stuff they will stabilize you and send you to either Hermosillo or the States for treatment and the distance is close to the same. In the end we couldn’t see any value in getting a policy beyond that we already had which like yours was Medicare and a supplement.


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We know several Americans that have medivac insurance should an emergency happen they can be air lifted to Tucson or Phoenix and then have their Medicare to use. Otherwise, regular medical treatment here is inexpensive as are X-rays, ultrasounds and blood work. Mexicali also has lots of specialty drs if needed.