Jeep....many of you will cry

Jungle Jim

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With a tail wind for sure...............

Actually the WWII Willys MB and Ford GPW were the fastest early Jeeps with 4.88 gears and 6:00 x 16" tires puffed up to 35 psi., hence the name Reconnaissance Cars. The early CJ's were a go-to-town car and sometimes tractor.



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Check it out, and price is not over the top in today's market...
Nice ! That looks brand new.

Mine had no top, no wipers, no rear seats, etc.

It was institution light green; the maintenance guys at my high school helped me out one day by putting an extra coat of bathroom green paint on it - with rollers !

Drove it for a couple years at uofa. Only got wet driving it maybe twice.

Take care Kenny,