Las C Fiber Optic installed


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Great Roberto! That speed is unheard of there. Now. The questions are: what happens on a busy weekend and does it only work part time down there? I just switched from Telmex crappy wired system to Telcel and it's barely an improvement. With all the theivin' going on in LC I would like to put more cameras in my place but it's a waste if you gotta reboot every few days to keep em running. Think Telcel inalambrico.


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I do not have it figured out yet. There are two channels, different levels. that speed was at the lower level. the house is on two levels and I got 2,3 in the lowere level of the house. You abandon the copper telephone wire in the house completely. Phone works through the fiber optic modem. It's an issue with placement unless your phone wire is in conduit.


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Done yesterday. Got 49 down and 48 up. that is at the lower level.
I'm surprised TelMex hasn't gone to ADSL2+ which uses double bundles of copper wire.
It will support speeds of 25Mbps and a range close to 5 miles from the central data supply.
I have Century Link here in Phx and am getting speeds of 70Mbps down and 35Mbps upload.
So they are enhancing it somehow, but still using copper wiring and the speeds are much better than the Cox in my area.
It is a cost effective way to increase band with without the cost of laying down Fiber Optic lines.


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You cannot connect the fiber optic coming from the street directly to the copper telephone wire in the house. Consequently you have to connect your house phone , if you want one, directly to the modem. There are regular telephone jacks on the modem for that. You can string fiber optic inside the house if you have conduit to the location you want to place the telephone, or hang it on the wall !! But you cannot use the existing copper phone wire with the fiber optic.


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Download at 53 today and upload at 51. Those are averages over 4 repeated measurements around the upper level. Lower level reached 49 near the stairs and 25 back in the bar area.
I firmly believe Telmex and Telcel cycle their internet to boot off users that are parked there . I put a light timer on mine to cycle the power and keep my cameras working when I am gone. Any "cycling" issues with the new fiber optic? Sorry to beat this dead horse but I changed last spring to Telcel and don't want to change again if its just more of the same.
[QUOTE="ernesto, post: 393941, member: 151". Any "cycling" issues with the new fiber optic? .[/QUOTE]

And so the ignoranti ask"How would I know if is "cycling" as I do not even know what that Is?? ja ja ja
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