Local Handyman


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In case you are in need, we've found a really great handyman/men. Pancho & Omar do alot of work for us and the folks out at Playa Lopez (North of town on the Coastal Hwy). They build & install fences, gates, etc. Omar built & installed the security bars on our trailer windows; they have moved our trailer around for us....we are on the beach in the sand...LOL! They can dig a septic tank, paint your house or just about anything. Omar is even taking classes right now on refrigeration....auto & home.

You can reach Omar 638 105 3446 - Spanish Only or you can send him an email at: [email protected]'ll translate it. If you don't want to do that, you can shoot an email to my hubby and he'll do the translating. Rafael is: [email protected].

Anyway, just wanted to "throw that out there". They are really great and we feel comfortable recommending them.