Looking for a real map

Lizard King

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I have been looking for a detailed paper map of the sea of Cortez for planing my trips. I would even be happy with a google maps image that is not blurred out 100 yards off the coast. Does Dr Evil have an undesea base in the upper sea or is the cartel obscuring submarine routs???? I can see the ocean floor clearly off the coast of California, but not the Baja until your down by the islands. I am certain it is not flat. Any help would be nice. Thanks


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I think someone posted one on here a while back, maybe 2 or 3 years ago. Or might have been on another forum.

Wood Spinner

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I have been told that no underwater map for the Sea of Cortez has been made since World War 11.
The Laurance is a joke. If you find one for the North end of the Sea let me know