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“Del, why did you kiss my ear?”

“Why are you holding my hand ?”

“Where’s your other hand ?”

“Between two pillows”


“You see that Bears game last week ?”


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Does anyone else feel like Zelenskyy is kind of letting the Azov guys defend til the end with no reinforcements to kill two birds with one stone? Kind of the only real problem for Zelenskyy is that Azov is highly "right" leaning which is a very nice way of saying, neo-nazi. Hard core guys though. Damn good fighting skills. But from a politics standpoint, Zelenskyy might be kind of happy to let these guys defend to the death, enevitibally Ukraine wins the war and then now post war he doesn't have to contend with this para-military neo nazi group after the war...

Kind of convenient that these guys are surrounded. They've killed 6k Ruskis alone at Azovstal. Some mean dudes right there.