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Does anyone know if Mare Blu at the Reef caters to like anniversaries or anything like that? Do they do like bouquets of flowers or champagne or anything?


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Typical man... wait until the last minute... DAMN, today's our anniversary!!! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :puff:

At least he didn't forget... the cardinal sin of relationships! Wife#1 used to catch me on that kind of weird stuff all the time. Oh, I could always remember our wedding anniversary (I had it tattooed under my eyelids). It's just the other weird anniversary stuff that wimmens have committed to memory somewhere deep in their souls.

Her - "I'm mad at you!"
Me - "What did I do now?"
Her - "Today is August 4th!"
Me - "Uhhh, okay, it's August 4th."
Her - "You DON'T remember!"
Me - "National Have a Shot of Tequila Day? I dunno..."
Her - "It's the anniversary of the 1st time we ever went out together! <snit>"
Me - "Oh. Happy 1st time we ever went out together anniversary, dear!"
Her - <looks that could kill>

Just remember young Braden, wimmens is like elephants -- they remember EVERYTHING!!

Her - "Remember that night at dinner at El Capitan on Sat. night in May of 1985 when you said blah-blah-blah... what did you mean by that?"
Me - Totally clueless...

Get used to it. :rofl:


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