Medication prices inPenaco


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Needed some medication and stopped by Santiagos on Benito Juarez, picked up 30 tablets for about $4.50. Had some stops on the way home. Hmmm lost the little box, must have fallen out on one of the stops. Rather than run out to Santiagos I stopped at the little farmacia on Fremont across from the Cruz Roja, asked for the same stuff, quotes $250 pesos. I said no thanks that is 5 times what I pay at Santiagos, you guys are ladrones. They laughed, I left.

Jungle Jim

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Might help to speak-a-da-lingo and............carry a calculator. They all prey on the weak, dumb and ignorant Gringo, wouldn't you in their situation? Ever think of pulling a fast one on them? Like feeding em a line of crap about the prices at the farmacia across the street?


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