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Hey! My dad had dentures for nearly 2 years and now he want to remove them and get all on 4 dental implants. Because of his smoking habit, his dentures are almost ruined and I don’t think even dental implants could help him if he doesn’t quit smoking. I have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hagi from Thornhill Smile Centre in Toronto for next week. But before getting all on 4 dental implants I need him to quit his smoking habit. He too needs it but he is not able to control it. Can anyone here help me with some good tips? Also, I would like to know more about all on 4 dental implants. Thanks for your time!!


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A friend of mine, smoking over 2 packs a day, quit cigarettes completely the first day she tried vaping. It has been almost a year now and she says she feels a whole lot better without the smell, smoke, tooth stain, and coughing. She has now started to gradually reduce the nicotine levels. Only complaint is improvement in food taste has made it difficult to keep the weight off.


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It is not easy to quit smoking. My cousin ws addicted to smoking and now he is free frm it. But it consumes time.