New Penasco airport or Mayan airport


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Does anyone know of this airport being used? I have ye to see a plane fly in nad the security guards are pretty stern about letting me drive Dow the road so I can get a look. It seems a Ike a massive investment to just be sitting there.
Based on personal observation, I believe that it is being used by private and military. Have not observed commercial. I did get the guards -- a few years back, when a few charter flights were running -- to let me enter to visit the terminal. Nice place. Apparently the "massive investment that is just sitting there" is associated with the "home port" that is just sitting there . . . both intended to not be just sitting there.


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I believe it is a private airport built and owned by the Mayan folks. There have been several charter flights in from Hermosillo bringing vacationers but none recently. and of course several unsuccessful attempts of regular commercial flights from the US.


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We flew in to clear customs, refuel, and pick up a friend in a private aircraft, then took back off for Mazatlan. Dropped in again on the way home. Busy? By no means, but functional? Yes.