New Resort? Sonoran Star?

Buffalo Marty

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The last public beach in the area soon to be a fading memory for the locals. JJ
I thought the same thing. The new mayor claimed the project would not impact local access to the beach, but how could it not? Someone has to lose out- either the locals lose easy access to the beach, or the new condo owners will be battling with hundreds of locals littering the beach with tecate cans and tostito wrappers...

Jungle Jim

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You know if it weren't for the "beach" Puerto Penasco wouldn't even exist. Every job in that ville is somehow related to tourism.
If someone form the USA say like Phoenix thinks they can just take a drive down to PP for a day on the "beach" they will have a rude matter of fact when they arrive. Just try to find a beach, not to mention park near one!

After the Playa Hermosa beachfront becomes private for the tourists, the last remaining public beach will be the little strip between Mirador and Las Conchas. Leave your vehicle there unattended and you will have your windows busted out and robbed of anything inside. The window busting rocks are right there for thieving bastards use as soon as you walk down to the water.

One could always do what we do, drive at least sixty miles south then cross the desert and muddy salt flats, drive over the dunes then find some of the finest unspoiled coastline anywhere. Better have a serious off road vehicle before even considering it.



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JJ, I've parked there a 5-6 times, I find a guy to watch my car and pay him $5.
I then tell him there's more $ coming when we return.
So far not a scratch, but we have nothing of real value left inside of it.

Heck the car was even washed for me with water when we returned. LOL

Now we go to the beach in-between the Esmerelda and Sonoran Sun resorts, pay the $5 and enjoy the beach, vendors and all.