No Alcohol


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Bodega/Walmart is in it's 4th week with little to no alcohol on the shelves. Leys went almost 1 month with almost nothing ( not one bottle of rum or vodka ) but has now this week stocked with unknown and expensive brands of rum and brandy, but no vodka. 246 P for 750 ML of no name rum is pricey. Does anyone know the reasons ? A small liquor store owner tried to tell me, but all I could gather was they were selling too cheap !


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Prepping for Semana Santa, they had to switch inventory over to beer.
I bet there's a lot of 12 packs going for 99 Pesos in all the stores.
I bet by late next weekend even beer and ice will become hard to find when the 100K person invasion is maxing out.


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Last time I was in Sams and looked the liquor/wine area was very well stocked. But yeah the biggest beer selling weeks is about to begin.


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Well there's more to the story. Because Peñasco is expecting 100,000 visitors for Semana Santa and most of them will be on the beach, the folks in control here decided it would be best to prohibit the sale of anything alcoholic in glass bottles. It may apply to other items...I don't know, but I do know you cannot buy any glass bottled alcohol until after Semana Santa (Monday)


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Confirmed....the cheap Tequila like product in plastic is being sold at OXXO, but all glass bottles of alcohol have been removed from the shelves.
Well that will probably sell out soon !! Actually I think lost of folks bring their own hard stuff and buy beer here.