No mas Vaquita en el mundo

Jungle Jim

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Just in from the "Associated Press", ain't that a hypocritical pile of hogwash for the use of the word "press"! Associated with what? The CCCP?

"As of today the Mexican government officially abandoned the policy of maintaining the policy of maintaining a fishing-free zone around the last 10 or so remaining vaquita marina"

The entire Upper California Zero Tolerance Zone is now open to all fisheries.

If the upcomming shrimpie season is still to be allowed on all months with the letter "R" this coming September should be a banner record breaker in tonalades. I'll have my order with Jessie for at least 100 lbs. of los Camarones Tigres Azul Monstros tomorrow.

I'll be gearing up for a run in October out to Roca Consag to wet a line in plans to get a few Giant Wolf Eeels to sizzle on my barbie.




Active Member Good rundown of the trade that has doomed them.It is interesting that Jim backs the Socialist president of Mexico now allowing the Gill nets to make a comeback so he gets the working mans a way though this was a losing fight from the get go..As the hippies say in the above story the fight should have been against the Chinese middle men.....on the shrimp issue its farmed for me for a while.I agree with the U of A scientists....side note while looking to buy ex forum member Jerry’s house in Santo Tomas some of his local fishermen buddies came over and drank beer with us and told us they now are free from being under cartel control for now.....they had these huge big blue shrimp that even Red Jerry couldnt pass up...I ( a resistance republican) couldn't either but am working on it....didn't buy at ST but it is nice....