Pay TelMex bill online with US credit card?


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We are using a bill paying service, but I noticed our TelMex bill has not yet been paid. When I log into my TelMex account, I see where you can pay your bill by credit card. Can this be done with a US credit card? It says they accept Visa, MasterCard & AmEx.

It gives me an option of "nacional" or "extranjera" for "Emisión de tarjeta." I'm assuming that by choosing extranjera, I can use my US credit card. Am I reading this correctly?

It then asked for calle - which I know, but the next line asks for "Número exterior." I'm not sure what an exterior number is. Perhaps house #? It also asks for interior number, but that field is not required.

For the colonia, would I enter my state? Postal code & city I understand. But I don't see a place to specify a country. Which I assume it would want if I specify "extranjera."

I would like to be able to start taking care of my own bills, but since we don't live there (yet!) I would like to be able to do these things automatically or from the US. (I prefer auto pays for everything so I don't have to remember to pay them. I'm lazy.) I know CFE requires a Mexican bank account, so that will take more effort to set up.

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That's what I had thought previously. Maybe I'm just not interpreting their website payment page correctly.

Also not sure why they would care where the credit card is from. They do work internationally. (As long as I'm will to pay the international fee...)

El Tiburon

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I have auto pay tied to a US credit card. I had to call their US office and sign a form and fax it back to them. Have done this for years with no problems.

El Tiburon

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I found their website and they have an office in L.A. Called the 800 number and they faxed me a form and I returned it. Have had no problems over several years.

Terry C

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Playa, I have been registered since we went electric in Encanto. Not speaking Spanish and clicking the English button i don't see where you can pay online. I have went and paid enough and just carried the credit.


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humm This is what I see.

benefits of our Online Services section.

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@ El Tiburon - Good info. I'll check it out.

@playaperro - I'm already registered with CFE. When I checked this afternoon, I saw the section for Online Services (en linea), but I couldn't find the pay online section. I think I saw it before (several months ago), but at that time it required a Mexican bank for the online payment (or perhaps it was for autopay?) I'll try again later.


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I have used Telmex USA for years , but got down there without my customer number for that site and had forgotten to pay before I headed south. Got on the Telmex site which I had registered for many years ago and logged in and paid my bill with my USA American Express card last month. I thought you had to have a Mx credit card in the past, but it worked.


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Maybe I was just blind before, but I just now noticed this "sidebar" alongside the credit card payment page.

which takes you right to the TelMex USA online payment option! All I need is the customer # (as mentioned in prior posts). I don't suppose this is the same as any of the numbers listed on my bill such as "Folio" or "Factura" or even the phone # itself? Probably not - that would just make it too easy.



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Pay in USA
If you already have a Customer Number

Do you have to travel far and find it difficult to pay for your phone line TELMEX in Mexico? Now you can pay your phone bill in Mexico from the United States to process your payment by TELMEX USA. Your payment is credited to your account at an attractive rate of Dollar / Peso exchange without the need to subscribe or a monthly tuition.

However, a $ 2.00 fee will be charged for each payment. This fee is automatically deducted from your payment (This fee will not apply for payments equal to or greater than $ 100.00 if it is to pay a single phone bill).

Procedure to start repaying your existing phone line in Mexico Telmex.

Call to register at 1-800-365-8808 Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific Time.
Please provide the following information :
Telephone number of the line to pay with the area code (Lada) .
Your personal information: name, address and telephone number.
We will provide a customer number with which you can, then, make payments to the registered phone line.
For your convenience we offer several payment options .