Penasco - suggestions needed

Don Juan

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Evening all

Grew up in Rhode Island and nolonger have good ocean gear having raised my kids in the desert. I do a bit of surf casting and drift fishing in penasco. Did catch a nice amber jack this year trolling a repala. I'm in Rhode Island this week doing some striper fishing and catching up with family.

My kids are mostly grown and my wife and I bought a place in penasco because we love it here and the people. Been coming since I was a kid.

Time to sell my boat in Phoenix and look for something for penasco.

Seen some posts about twin OB being necessary. I was looking at a smaller single OB whaler. Now I'm thinking a 26+ CAT like world cat or a similar sized mono like a cape horn 29t. Both center console. Someone made a comment about a net telling up their OB. Between that and all the damn traps floating....I'm leaning towards twins now

Any suggestions? From my experience fishing charters there and kayaking bit, SOC can be a bathtub with 3 - 5 foot chop but typically 1 - 2 rollers.

I have a Jeep TJ and looking to get out and explore some surf casting and kayak fishing with some locals. I'm semi retired now and plan on being down alone so let me know what you all think for a hull down there.