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I am considering replacing my boat with a pontoon boat but I am not sure how this type of boat performs in the ocean. Has anyone used one on the ocean? It will only be used within 5 miles of shore. thanks for any info


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I owned a pontoon for many years, and now own a 26 foot Chaparral Signature that I keep in Rocky Point. Not sure what kind of pontoon you're looking at, but on most pontoon boats with an outboard engine the bottom end/propeller is barely underwater. Even on a lake with one to two foot waves the prop on my pontoon boat would come out of the water whenever the front end dipped down in waves. I've boated the last few years around Rocky Point and the roughest area is approximately the first ten miles, as soon as you get about 10 miles out then it calms down. And I've noticed the first few miles around Rocky Point usually is pretty rough, and generally pontoons don't do well in rougher conditions. Rocky Point is generally pretty windy, and there's not too many days where it's real calm, optimum weather for a pontoon. I've seen pontoon boats in sheltered bays around southern Baja (Bahia Concepcion, Loreto), but I've never seen em in the open water around Rocky Point. So overall my opinion is a pontoon wouldn't do well around Rocky Point.
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Pontoons go fron 8ft to ? size I have a 10 ft and it is great for in close fishging. I go out about a mile or so and along the coast. Great fun and generaly good fishing.

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The Morris and his big brother Lobo are sea worthy Catamarans not pond dwelling Pontoon Boats.



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Pontoons are a no-go for the ocean, Wendell. While it might be okay on the nicest of days, all it takes is a little wind and you're screwed. Cats are a "hull" different story. ;) You'd be much better with a decent little V-hull, aluminum or fiberglass.

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If you want to do a liuttle work , may be more than a little , Find one in PP ansd restore it. I paid $ 125.00 for mine. Restore cost about $800.00 ansd aI am buying a 2 stroke restored Evinrude from a dealer in Show Low with a one year gurantee for $ 800.00. I do need the motor controlls yet.

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I havce been stoped less than a mile out in a 17 ft searay.

Your choice but I feel safer doing things the way you should. Just not worth the risk of looseing everything.