Process of starting a business?


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We live in Arizona and own some land in Rocky Point. I want to start a food business in Rocky Point, possibly a food cart, catering, or meal prep business in the summer months? I tried looking on google and couldn't find any straightforward answers. Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Go on Facebook, there's a few sites for Penasco.
Pick up a Rocky Point Times your next trip to Penasco to see some of the competition offerings
There is a lot of competition for catering, meal prep in peoples homes and lot's of restaurants already serving Penasco.

Some restaurants close down part of the summer because of people leaving to go where it's cooler.
The crowds are still here but a different type of spending group.
More of the 10-12 people crammed into a 2 bedroom condo and eating at cheap places vs American's OK with spending $30+ per person.
If you have a great product, repeat customers, advertising and good word of mouth it could work for you,
but it's a very competitive place here. Just like the restaurant business everywhere else.

Jungle Jim

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Look up old Chino and his little two wheeled cart in the Old Port by the Malecon. I'm sure he could use a Gringo partner to pander his Keto inspired cuisine to include a guaranteed run to the nearest shitter within ten minutes of swallowing his open air mosca infected condiments.


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It's too bad you didn't give us a little more Bio on yourself, and how familiar you are with RP. I think your best bet is to talk to some current business owners ( preferably non-nationals ) to see what the trials and tribulations they go though running a business in Mexico. And if they could do it over again, what would they do different. From the guys I've talked with it can chew you up pretty quick.