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Roberto as my statement says currently it’s a demand. What do you mean by pissed off? Do you mean the Mayor is pissed with the Las Conchas HOA? Sure seems like someone or group is bargaining in bad faith at this point.


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Posted by Las Conchas HOA Administrative Assistance (Maria Zamudio) on May 16, 2019 3:19 pm
President’s Letter May, 2019
Dear Vecinos,

I want to update you on recent developments in our community. Meetings continue with senior City of Penasco Officials to resolve the ongoing issues between the City and Las Conchas. These issues are:
  1. The approval process for new constructions. We have agreed to reverse the process which means that the process for a new build begins at City of Penasco Office of Urban Development. Las Conchas will receive the plans from the Urban Development Department within 24-48 hours. No building permit will be issued until both the Urban Development and Las Conchas agree.
  2. The City is requesting to receive part of the $6,200 non-refundable assessment for new projects. We are still negotiating this issue.
  3. Changes to the Programa Parcial have been identified and recommended by the our Board of Directors, representatives from the Urban Development Department and our Architectural Team. These changes are being reviewed by the City of Penasco Attorney and our Attorneys.
  4. The City of Penasco has requested that Las Conchas contribute $250,000 to pay for the Master Planning Process (IMPLAN). We have not agreed to this request. We need to have a discussion about this unusual request.
  5. The City of Penasco has issued a resolution directing Las Conchas to tear down the Guard Caseta. This resolution includes a fine of 94,000 MX ($5,200 US) for an illegal construction on a public road. We are challenging this action at the Federal Court in Nogales, Sonora.
Over the past thirty days, break-ins have increased. We have had five break-ins since the beginning of Semana Santa. Two break-ins occurred in Section 6, 1 in Section 2, 1 in Section 4, and 1 in Las Mareas. No one was in each home during these incidents. Flat screen televisions, tools, and other electronics were stolen. On Tuesday, I asked the Mayor Kiko Munro to allow Las Conchas to utilize the Caseta while we continue to negotiate. He agreed to consider our request.

We are also working with our Security Team to increase the effectiveness of our Guards and their patrolling. We are adding additional signage with the rules of Las Conchas clearly explained.

The Executive Board has contacted numerous individuals, other Penasco communities, both the Arizona and Sonora Governors’ Offices, real estate developers, the US Consulate and the Arizona/Mexico Commission for assistance on many occasions over the last eighteen months. While they sympathize with our situation, unfortunately, their influence has been limited.

Thank you for your support and advice as we work to create a more positive relationship with the City of Penasco.

Take care,

Ginger Beauchamp, Kay Warren, Bart Stockton, Phil Naylor, Jim Curcio, and Arturo Cano


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He demanded that the HOH make a decision on Saturday at the meeting by noon. If we did not he would demolish the casita.First we could not because a quorum of residents was not there to vote. We pissed off someone with the lawsuits over 9B but we also did not do our due dilegence thirty years ago wehen we put up a guard shack nor did we have a written permit , just a vebal one, to redue the casita several years ago. The money is to pay for a newlaw from the mexican government to come up with plans for the cities to avoid poor planning. The cost is the amount he demanded. He could not get money from the federal level nor from the state level. Since he has plans to run for governor it is important he looks strong. The group voted to not give he any money. It is just a building and we will figure out alternative ways to continue to provide the security in the community.


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Roberto as my statement says currently it’s a demand. What do you mean by pissed off? Do you mean the Mayor is pissed with the Las Conchas HOA? Sure seems like someone or group is bargaining in bad faith at this point.[/QUO

I do not know the details but in my experience when things like this happen the way this has happened, it is because someone is angry which is motivating the behavior more than logic.


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He also wanted the court suits dropped 9B suit really pissed off someone who has the mayors interest or pockets. It was a demand to pay for IMPASS which is a federal program mandated by the mexican government for RP to comply with
The mayor wants to destroy all Hoa’s in Rocky Point so he can rezone the developments and control future development. Needs places to put money. That translates to: he can personally make millions and millions. Regardless of the LAW!
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