Purchase home, furniture etc?


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Hi, I have been looking in Baja de California but I'm just not thrilled with the homes or living in Tijuana. The things that did attract me there I'm wanting to see if it's possible to get in Rocky Point. 1st, I have small dogs and need a stand alone house, (not a condo or townhome). I want my own pool and a block fence around my home to keep my pets in and for safety and privacy. I also have a 26ft boat and need to be able to park it and possibly an RV. Also, a two car garage. The size of home, around 1800 to 2500 sq. ft. So the size of my lot needs to be at least 6000. 7000-8000 sq ft would be much better though. I really want to be on the beach. So here's what I liked about the Baja. The weather isn't as hot and humid. The fishing I believe is a lot better. There seems to be a few gated with 24/7 security guard developments. There's also green grass! But seriously, there are Costco's. I like to be able to get some American foods and quality items like sheets, towels, all the non food things Costco has are nice as well. Also there are furniture stores like Ashley's in Tijuana. Some of their stuff is cheap but they also have some more expensive quality furniture. I don't want to buy a home and bring all my furniture. I would rather buy new furniture where I buy the home. Also they have a lot of different places that allow you to receive your US packages, Amazon and Chewy's. Pet food is a priority my dogs and cats have to eat certain foods. When I lived in Mazatlan in 2010 I fed what was available and those pets have since died. The horrible grocery bought food contributed to it. So, I'm asking if anyone knows of the availability of people who go to the states and are willing to do this kind of shopping for you? Or if there are places for the US mail delivery. This would be a home I live in all year long. Thanks in advance


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Sorry no info on the pet food items. But as a pet lover and the work that goes into getting the right food is a very big deal. We are buyers as well. Now, they have Ashley across from Sam's. But I found the prices to be high. This is only a matter of my opinion. I am interested in what others have to say about furniture as well.


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I have an 8,000 sq ft lot in Cholla Bay with a 1,800 sq. ft house and a boathouse for sale.