Purchasing meds in Mexico, donating


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I have found great bargains this year on all my meds in Mexico. You may have to shop around a little to get what you need. A plug for Casa Hogar=the old folks home. We have been bringing this place clothing, jackets and blankets. Trying to figure out how to donate food.
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I buy adult diapers for Casa Hogar when I go to Sams , but for a broader distribution DIF is better. Casa Hogar service is limited to a particular group, not available to everyone. If that suits you, perfecto. Clearly there is a lot of need here and donations can go astray from purpose, so one should be careful. In fact there is no good, general way of distribution of stuff here.
I went to a Goodwill store some time back to drop some stuff off and donations were stacked all over outside of the front of the store because they could not process them quickly and of course people do not want to wait. They had a distribution center of unsorted stuff sold in quantity. Lots of vehicle plates from Chihuahua there. Destined for the segundas of Juarez I thought.