Recommendation for honest water truck delivery person


El Pirata
There’s a major water shortage in town including east beaches.
Anyone know of a trustworthy reliable source.
Name and Number please.
Thanks for your time.


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Waiting to be in the same boat as 3 new houses and the condos now have pools at ST.I really cant figure it out.You get a house at the beach and swim in a stinking chlorine / pee filled container


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The main water plant was closed last Friday-Monday for Easter weekend. Although city water was flowing the water trucks couldn’t fill up. Was that the shortage that was mentioned in the OP or is it something more than that. Virtually all the trucks fill up at the same place near the ball park.


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Last night I ran out of water at 830 PM. I had water delivered by 9:15. He gave me the entire truck full of water for $125 and then made sure my after pumps were primed and water was flowing into the house before he left. While he was filling the tanks the electricity in Las Conchas went out and he looked at me and laughed “Someone is sending you a message”.


Don’t know if he is honest, but he helped me in a huge bind. He told me to call him before I come down again and he will check out the tanks before I arrive to make sure this does not happen again.