Retainer Wall Blocks


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I just had a retaining wall built. If you don't have an answer by next week I will be down there and asked the guy who built our where he got the blocks.


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Thank you, I will be down around Dec. 28th for the winter and trying to get things lined up. We just bought the house last February and there was no landscape work done.


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I talked to the guy who did our retaining wall and he said he gets the block at Block Mex. It's just south of where Hwy 8, the highway into Puerto Penasco crosses over the overpass at Hwy 3.
I haven't been on the board in a bit. If you'd like to take a look at the retaining wall we had done we are at MZ 12-14. Straight up the hill from Rhonda's. I will be there this next weekend if you have questions and are there. If you like it I'd be happy to give you the name and number for the guy who did it for us.