Robberies are increasing now thanks to the Mayor of Puerto Penasco.

Since Kiko the Mayor of Puerto Penasco began his illegal attack on the Community of Las Conches robberies are increasing. We can only hope the violence perpetrated by the Mayor will not lead to Physical Harm.
This situation will accelerate rapidly beyond the Mayor’s control if that should occur.
He stepped on more tails than the HOA.
The Political career of this despot is coming to an end and he has no idea what’s coming.


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You are funny LCU. obviously very full time in LC? Where do you get your info from?
I hate this process with my entire being...hate bully's, coercion, influence peddling.....
Love the mexican people and so sad they have to deal wth this stuff every day in their own daily world..........


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And so it begins...the house across from CEDO was broken into this afternoon. Broke thru screen an stole purses, wallets and phones. Also the house behind Casa Fiesta was broken into last night and tv was stolen. Very sad to say the least!



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Kikos goons wreaking havoc on Las Conchas residents. Nothing but a feeble attempt to persuade the HOA committee to cave in to el oinkos demands. Time to send a well written letter to Phoenix and Tucson tourism industry. Outlining whats lurking in the dark for innocent residents and renters. Let’s just hope violence doesn’t rear its ugly head. The definition of extortion.


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Audsley - apparently someone with big influen$$e in the mayors office built out an abandoned structure outside of CCR approvals. HOA stepped in as it should. not in compliance, no permit. Penasco then issued the permit anyway. HOA took it to the state level and prevaled but City wont agree. Now city says HOA does not have community standards CCR's enforcement powers, penasco running the show.....Now the road, which is public but has been maintained by LC forever (along with water, trash....) must be returned to the people.... Extortion clear and simple


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An alarm is helpful but not a magic bullet. I was robbed one time, the thieves came into the house and ripped the alarm control box off the wall which stopped the siren. From a neighbor it took only a few seconds. Good idea to hide the control panel...


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Jose Az, if I understand correctly, eliminating the guard shack is aimed at returning the road to the people. Wonder what else they plan to return to the people.


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Other beach HOA’s should pay close attention to this situation. Maybe their should be an “association of HOA’s” who can band together and fight overbearing intrusion by local governments.
One more thought: I know in Miramar we faithfully pay city property taxes with little or no support from the city.