Rocky point "director of tourism" is hurting tourism...


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A short rant about my real estate nightmare.

My family has been coming to mexico for years, renting vrbos on beaches from encanto to miramar. all wonderful trips. 2 years ago, we took our retirement savings and jumped at the chance to chase a long time dream to buy a beachfront property. Using an experienced local realtor, we made an offer on a beachfront home that needed some TLC to bring it back to its former glory. Our realtor used an experienced real estate attorney to close the sale... Everything was completed as required by current Mexico law, specifically the transaction included each of the following components

Trustee Bank
Public Registry number:
Special Trustee Representative:
Fideicomiso Beneficiary:

These are all notarized, stamped, recorded and filed.

a few weeks after completing the sale, a local contractor that I know began some plumbing and roofing repairs. He called to say he was being blocked out on the main road at a guard shack by a local person. This is when I first heard of Omar Saenz. In addition to blocking me, my contractor, and our realtor, He gathered any signs our realtor had on other properties and threw them out in the desert. Assuming this must be a simple misunderstanding, I reached out to our realtor to clear it up. A few days later, I received a call from Omar asking to meet. I live northeast of Tucson. We agreed to meet in Benson Az. At this meeting, Omar and his brother informed me and my wife that if we wanted access to our property, he would sell it to us for $100,000 us dollars. Confused, we explained we had just bought it and that our bank trust has the title, we are the beneficiaries through our LLC, to which he stated that he owns the entire beach, and no sales are valid unless he approves them.
Walking away from this meeting confused, thinking either we were duped in the sale or trying to be duped by Omar. I hired a separate attorney to independently review the entire history of the property and deed. After several thousands of dollars, all records confirmed that everything was done correctly. This was in the summer/fall of 2019. These findings were taken to city hall and the administration at the time, declined to intervene to help me access my property. My materials disappeared from the home and no work could proceed as we are still physically being blocked from accessing the property.
I have come to discover that there are many active lawsuits against Omar Saenz for similar behavior... All slowly dragging along through the courts.
Approx 2 weeks ago, Omar demolished my house to the ground! completely destroyed. My retirement savings hauled away in a dump truck. And to find out that the new mayor appointed this guy as head of tourism?!! Seems too ridiculous to believe. It's beyond brazen...I know quite a few people that were looking at property/ condos and houses in rocky point. My experience has them all putting this on hold. My friends and I take a lot of hard earned dollars to the restaurants and shops and tradesmen of rocky point, and its the citizens of RP that lose out when the city lets things like this go unanswered. When the mayor was sworn in, one of his core principles was 1. An austere, efficient, and transparent administration. I hoping that this mayor and administration will do more to address these problems.

Maybe someone has some advice...thoughts...can commiserate.
Otherwise, thanks for giving me a few minutes to vent
Happy Cinco de Mayo.
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