Safety Tip

RP Life

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A few months ago my friend was driving and parked at a pharmacy on the main blvd. I waited in the car with it running. I always lock the doors when anyone leaves the car. Lucky I did as a few seconds passed and a man ran up to the driver side door and viciously tried three times to pull the door open and then realized it was locked. He than hit the window and ran down the street. Just a reminder to be aware of your surroundings as it only takes a second for something bad to occur.

I did see the same man in the Walmart/Sam's parking lot riding away on a bicycle while pulling another bicycle beside him smiling and laughing. He also kept looking back at the front of the Walmart. If I had to guess I would say he stoled both bikes. If you want to give the benefit of the doubt he stoled one

Queen of Kings

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He was probably just an enterprising chauffeur and saw you sitting there waiting to be driven somewhere. He made the effort to transport you to your next location. Mexicans can be real 'go getters' sometimes.