Santo Tomas 7-2015

Just got back from a trip to Santo Tomas the last week of July. It had been 20 years since I last visited the area. It was a family vacation and I have to say I prefer the laid back Santo Tomas to the seemingly over-commercialized Puerto Penasco. The trip down was great. No hassles from anyone. We drove the toll road from the San Luis Rio Colorado port of entry. We purchased auto insurance online through Qualitas. Paid $80 for full coverage for 6 days for a car valued at $25k. Glad we didn't have to use it but gave us piece of mind. I would recommend exchanging dollars for pesos. The going rate at exchange houses near the border and in Puerto Penasco offer competitive exchange rates between 15.75-16.00 pesos to $1. The rate offered by local retailers fluctuated wildly anywhere from 15 to as low as 12 pesos per dollar with most offering about 13.

We stopped at Super Ley in PP to get our groceries. We cooked all week. We bought fish from the local fishermen in El Pescador a 10 minute drive from Santo Tomas or a 5 minute ride down the beach. We caught our own fish too as well as blue crabs during low tide. We drove to El Ejido Alvaro Obregon a couple of times that week to buy more mangos, gas, water, beer, and more seafood. All the locals in town are very friendly. Many of the people are related and sell goods or services from their homes such as gas, auto repair, mangos, frozen seafood, etc. All you have to do to find out is ask. People are very willing to help or point you in the right direction. I even got reliable tips for fishing. I only wish we had visited during asparagus season as it is abundant in that area. Very rich agricultural area. Reminds me a lot of part of California's Central Valley with the vast fields of asparagus, olive trees, and grapes.

We fished, kayaked, swam, skim boarded, collected huge seashells, boogie boarded, used the quads on the beach, BBQed every night, and most of all relaxed. Truly a very relaxing vacation. We even saw some dolphins near shore. The only bad part of the trip was the mosquitos. The sitting water after the recent rains created a perfect breeding ground for the little buggers. Nothing a little bug spray and mosquito repellant can't handle but I wish we had been prepared from day one. We also killed a rattlesnake one evening. If it were legal, we would have been hunting quail and rabbit for dinner. The amount of wildlife was amazing. I think most people see only a desolate desert wilderness, but if you pay close attention you will find that the area is abundant in resources. I think I will make a return trip during the spring or fall months in the future and make it a point to visit Puerto Lobos about an hour south. The locals say the waters are clear and the manta rays and fish colorful and plentiful.

Two thumbs up for the guards at Santo Tomas especially Adolfo or as the locals call him Chicano. He speaks English and Spanish. I took up Jerry's recommendation and left a bunch of kids clothes for Adolfo to distribute to some of the local families. On our departure we also gave all of our leftover food (two huge coolers worth) to a local family we met that week. We stopped in PP for lunch and to buy some souvenirs on our way back to the states. The green labeled gas at Pemex worked just fine although I will say that the best deal all week was the sub $3 gas prices in Yuma. That was foreign to me living in Northern California. All in all, it was a very memorable week and will hopefully return some day.
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Next time hire Scott to take you guys to bird island and fish...he has a great grouper spot 8 miles out......I have a lot for sale and inside deal info if you are every looking.....
Thanks for the info. We saw a house for sale. Is the place you have an empty lot? PM me when you can. Another family and I may be interested in acquiring a property in Santo Tomas or on the southern outskirts of PP away from town.


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My Alaska friend wants a partner in the penthouse... Whole top floor...the great part is he wants to use in the winter leaving late spring through October for the partner...