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Aye carumba!!!
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Sitting off the port.

God bless them. They're trying to manage a resource that the Mexicans couldn't. And they know they can't because of that.


Love'em or hate'em, it's a very tough position to be in.

In my heart, I believe the vaquitas are history. Sad as it might be.
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Mexico Joe

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Are they still there right now? When we were there last month we had just pulled up nearly to Safe Marina and they were departing behind us from the fuel dock area near where Del Mar Charters Cat is and we thought it was pretty cool to see that boat from that close. I've briefly followed their videos on YT but seems pretty futile to be honest. Without government intervention what can they really do? Lot of grey area in life. Not completely the fault of the fishermen either and it's their livelihood to some extent but greed as well. Not sure of what percent each represents but the issue is very complex much like the rest of life where one line answers are adolescent.