Semana Santa 2020


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We have some friends who mentioned they were trying to plan a Rocky Point trip the weekend of April 3rd.

With Semana Santa starting on Sunday the 5th - 11th, was wondering if that weekend of the 3rd & 4th will be crazy with all the Semana Santa visitors coming in for that week?

Im guessing yes, it will probably be super packed that weekend, but was wondering if anybody else knew for certain ?


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I think we will start seeing the crowds coming in around the 9th, we are still planning our Mermaids Market for Saturday the 4th. Usually the week of Easter Sunday the 12th is the busy weekend, then we have those that can afford to take the time off to do a second wave the week after Easter. From my point of view the weekend of the 4th should be fine.


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It is an event that you have to experience if you want to be a well experienced Penasco visitor. You might not want to experience it twice but you will talk about it for years after one visit. Just do not expect an ordinary weekend. There will be NO avalibilities for rent. If you find something late your will pay big time. Make reservations NOW. Playa Hermosa will be a circus as will the malecon and Calle 13 at night. If you stay on condo row do not expect a nice quiet night's sleep but enjoy the night long bands playing and stroll among the revelers. Go to the Malecon early in the morning and stay late. Park up the hill as far as you can get and walk down. Calle trece is fun if you stay at Hotel Senorian, otherwise plan your route well away from Callle 13. Do not plan on driving anywhere after 2 in the afternoon or so. You will have a great time.