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Nope, but would it surprise you if it did happen? Semana Santa is the biggest party of the year in RP. Massive numbers of people drinking and who knows what.... like there’s no tomorrow. Bad things are guaranteed to happen. Still not as bad as the Phoenix area where people get shot every night.


Identify victims of armed attack in Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco, are.- As Ramon Sosol Vázquez 44-Year-old, originally from huatulco, Veracruz, was identified as one of the victims located on 13th street in front of the joint sin, which presented 6 wounds By Weapon of fire in a face region, anterior thorax, and both hands.

Also the other person without life was identified as Gabriel Corral Vizcarra 40-Year-old, which is wounded by a firearm in the face both anterior and subsequent thorax arms and a region of both feet so he lost the life of Instant form at the scene.

While the people who were injured in this bloody fact were identified as Ivan Ernesto Herrera Zamorano 33 years from hermosillo who resulted in the right limb wound to a projectile and that does not put life at risk and takes more than 15 Days to heal.

Likewise, the 19-Year-old young lizat garza from Phoenix, Arizona, who has a posterior tibia wound, does not put life at risk and takes more than 15 days to heal.

And finally injured Jesús del Carmen Valenzuela Bacacegua 48 years old de obregón, Sonora who presents an entry and exit wound on left leg does not put life at risk and takes more than 15 days to heal.

They struck out the car and left it abandoned

In data collected by this media, it is established that the recent model car where the weapons were found was left abandoned at the site because one of the tyres was punctured.

But it foresaw that a pursuit was given by elements of the port police to kilometer 17 of the Puerto Peñasco Highway to caborca where they were beat and the meters was left to the middle of the road with open doors and the Weapons in plain sight.
It's a white chrysler dodge sedan white, Arizona's circulation plates with a robbery report and where a long ak-47 was located in the back seat and the co-pilot a luxury squad.

So far, no more data has been given on this bloody fact registered at the port in the morning of this Saturday.


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We were by the Oxxo when this happened.

Super loud due to all the bands playing, never heard the shots. Everyone started running, so we went up to the taco stand by the railroad tracks and ate, then headed back to beach.

Pretty crazy.