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Does anyone know a way to find data on what places in RP have sold for? I can only find listings which isn't super helpful in determining actual value...


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I just posted this in another thread. I use to follow Grant McKenzie's sold report when I was looking for a house. He would post the previous months sold listings. It included list price, sale price, days on market, etc. I had bought during the crash.... so it was helpful seeing the list price and sold for much less. Back then a 1 bedroom condo at Las Palomas for $80k, now I don't think you can touch one for under $200k. And prices just seem to keep going up and a lot more new construction going on. Best bet is to contact a reputable realtor that is with AMPI and has a license. There are a lot of realtors that don't have a license and don't actually live there. Also if you are looking in a particular area you can get flxmls from a realtor weekly with all listings in your preferred area. I still get them to this day as well as monthly mewsletters from about a dozen realtors in Penasco. Good Luck with your search!