Thank you Ladyjeeper........


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I am finally a happy camper once again.

Char's name was on the members list on that "other" new forum. I contacted her and here I am!

I do not post often but have been following this forum every morning for a few years now. My "must read" with my morming coffee.

Thanks to all of you on this forum for making my visits to RP more enjoyable over the years!

Thanks again Char!



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I only signed up over there on the old forum so people could find the new forum thru a familiar name. I never look over there. See, it worked. I got one. :) Maybe we should all sign up over there because people will recognize screen names and find the new forum. :idea: Anything to gather up the old crowd!


Many thanks for this new forum. I hardly post but really enjoyed and learned a lot from the old forum. You are all very fun group, I look forward everyday to read the forum.

We made our first trip to RP and thanks to all of you; we had lots of fun and looking forward to our next visit. The drive form California was almost 10 hours but well worth it. The beach is just amazing so much better than baja.

The old (new owner) forum is just bad news; it made my morning today when I saw the link to all of you.

Keep up the good work.