The peninsula that turned into an island


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This is Playa Encanto after TS Rosa came through last week. Encanto is a peninsula but because the rain was so heavy here and in southwest Arizona a dam on the Tohono Nation was to the point of overflowing possibly failing the dam completely. Water is being released from the dam and it flows into the Rio Sonoyta which in turn makes it's way to the sea of Cortes. So much water is flowing that it took out the only road access to playa Encanto, making it an island and there is no date set to get the road open at this time. People were paying pangas to ferry them to town, and at one point the Marinas came in and were able to traverse the river in their huge personnel carriers to evacuate people.

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Mother Nature reclaiming what's hers. Mother Nature always wins! (no disrespect to our Encanto folks).


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Mother Nature reclaiming what's hers. Mother Nature always wins! (no disrespect to our Encanto folks).
Maybe we need to work with Mother Nature. The water is meant to flow to the sea, and a culvert under the dunes would do just that.

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I'm not sure from where, but the Marinas came down the beach from the Myan. By the looks of the vehicles I don't think they had to cross the river, not a spec of mud on them.

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Playa Encanto family experience leaving the beach and going to Rocky Point yesterday

We got out this morning. We drove the beach to the Mayan and then out to the highway. IF you go, make sure you have a 4X4, deflat your tires to about 15-17 psi. GO AT LOW TIDE!!!!!! Drive to the Security Gate, then go right thu the cement wall opening. Keep right out to the beach. Once on the beach turn left and head towards the Mayan. You should see tire tracks going out there. From there there road is easy until you get to the highway. If you go towards Puerto Penasco, you WILL ENCOUNTER FLOOD WATERS. We went thru them at about 10 am this morning and they were quite a bit higher than yesterday. The deepest water we went thru was about 2 feet (24 inches). It looks like Sergio should miss you!!!


CFE meter reader just pulled up to read the meter. I asked him how he got in, he said from Playa Dorado and down the beach to here.