Things I learned this trip down.

Every time I go down to PP, I learn a couple fo new things about the best way to get things done. This trip was no different. Hopefully someone will find a few of the tips useful.

1. There's a frickin' Walmart in town!! Not that I'm a huge Walmart fan, but having the Bodega Aurrera nearby was handy when i needed a couple of things not easily found at at the SuperLey or a farmacia (like a $4 outdoor volleyball). I've been calling my wife "Mama Lucha" ever since we first went there on Monday.

2. Whenever possible, use plastic. The vendors in town were giving 12-13 pesos per dollar. My bank is giving me 13.27. Saves 5-10% right off the top which was signifcant when it came time to buy shrimp and steak for the trip home.

3. Don't buy shrimp from the port, go where they go, Sea Products on Sinaloa behind the Pemex just south of the baseball park. No worries about weight, no slipping in smaller shrimp with the bigger ones. Flounder filets were under $2.50 a pound. Shrimp come frozen in 2 kg blocks which fit my cooler perfectly. The worst thing you could do to a shrimp is buy it defrosted at the port and then refreeze it at home. :evil:

4. A good taco al pastor is a wonderful thing and Tacos El Poblano on Benito Juarez near the ballpark may make the best anywhere. They have a rotisserie holding a pork shwarma like you see in gyro joints. When you order, the guy cranks up the heat, crisping the outside before he shaves off the crispy parts. He ever dips the tortilla in the grease at the bottom. The result is essentially a bacon taco. Crispy, salty, porky ... I just got home and just writing about it makes me wanna go back. Best buck you will spend in PP. :ham:

5. Cedasa on Ocampo and Barrera is an awesome butcher shop. They will cut exactly what you want the way you want it. TBones were about $5.30 a pound, boneless ribeyes were around $5.75.

I'm sure there are some other things I just can't think of right now ... I'll add more if it occurs to me.
Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know if Tacos el Poblano is open at lunch time?

So many of these places don't open until 7:00PM and that's when I have to be back home in my oxygen tent.
Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know if Tacos el Poblano is open at lunch time?

So many of these places don't open until 7:00PM and that's when I have to be back home in my oxygen tent.
It is open 7 days a week, so far, from 5pm to depending how many people is still eating!! if you have not tried it yet, ask the waiter to have the cook preper your taco, they add finely chopped white onions, culantro and guacamole, in either the carne asada or al pastor, do not need to add anything else, just enjoy!!!
How do you get to Cedasa? Thanks.
From the traffic light at Blvd Fremont and B. Juarez, going north towards PHX/TSN, Melchor Ocampo will be the second traffic light, first one will be at Calle 13 with the overhead walkway, keep going north past Pollo Lucas, plug!! to the next traffic light and turn right, right? and go two blocks + o -, almost across form Farmacia Lux, plug!!.
So, if you are coming from No Reeleccion, Sandy Beach way to go, turn right at B. Juarez, same corner as Tacos EL POBLANO, super plug!! and go south towards Calle 13 or the fish market to the second traffic light, junction of Constitucion (diagonal on right hand) Chon's dog around the corner, plug!!, Melchor Ocampo and B. Juarez, you will turn left onto Melchor Ocampo, on the corner of AKA SI store, awesome lemon/lime sqeezers and cheap!!! super dupper plug!!


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so where do I change my plasitc in to pesos? I have been using cash because my numbers got jacked one year and I had a bunch of bogus charges


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Where is/are any Santander's?
I use an app called "city maps to go", and downloaded the state of Sonora. A search shows no Santander's. Closest is in San Luis, 170 miles away.
The one legged guy, got pissed off at me one day. My boat and trailer together, were probably about 50 feet long and I was first at the stoplight, so he started to walk back to the next car and then the light changed, I could hear him yelling at me and just told my wife, he'd have a problem kicking my ass..

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