Trip report 8/5-8/9

First time in PP. Made it across the border fine. Went really slow. Stopped at the alto sign for extended periods. Highway outside to PP was a breeze. Went 70mph and was pretty non eventful.

Got into PP and found our house in LC. It was as expected from AirBNB. Cold aircon, clean very nice. We ended up getting some heavy shore waves and could not fish until the last day which we went on a charter. My son and I did Pancho Villa charters and we caught triggers, corvina and some rock bass. Guys were great and highly recommended. Tooled around the malecon. Best place to have a cold one and AC is Tekila Bar. The staff was nice and good tacos and nice burger. Other than that it was quiet and we spent a lot of time at the house with margaritas and sunsets.

Couple of observations:

My wife is native to the Philippines and we both agreed it reminded us of her hometown. Very quiet during the day and at night we went out once and the grills and smells and sounds were similar.

Gas is expensive. Doing the conversion to gallons from liters and into dollars, it was 3.50 per gallon. Beer I thought would be cheaper. Oh well. Trivial stuff.

We want to go back and bring friends and kids friends and rent a bigger home. August was hot but that was to be expected.