Trip report Dec 10th


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I came down to have my kitchen cabinets installed that I ordered last trip in Oct.
I left Phx at 11AM, had a steady drizzle and spitting of rain most of the trip until Gila Bend.
I arrived at the border a little after 2PM. they were pulling everyone over for an inspection.
The agent only checked my small cooler and glanced in my rear window.
Whew, I had lot's of new things stashed in my car for my kitchen remodel.
Sonoyta was very quiet, all cars were doing the 20-25mph crawl, on the road leading out of town.
By the red cross stop there must have been 20 dogs playing or just walking on the road some were just sunning themselves on the side of the road.
It took an extra few minutes to navigate around them. Saw 2 Policia cars at the southern end of town they were just chatting.
Gas dropped in Mexico, in Sonoyta it was 14.75 for Magna and in Penasco it was 18.5ish per liter.
I stopped at the cabinet shop to see what their schedule is for my kitchen install, I left and stopped at the Super Norte store to PU a few things
the store only had a few people in it.
I continued on Benito Juarez to the road to Cholla, the roads were pretty deserted.
I called my local buddy and was informed there is lot's of people in Penasco with Covid currently, Not the news I was hoping to hear.
It looks like Penasco and Cholla received about 1/4 inch of rain, lot's of water still standing in low spots.
More to come, I'll be here until Tuesday.


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Update for Sunday Dec 13,
We went to the Cholla Oyster House for dinner and also got to watch the Cholla X-Mas parade drive by. Lot's of nicely
decorated vehicles. Some people go all out with the lights on their Can Am's and Razors. Lot's of time involved.
Dinner was good and their hot wings were also pretty good.

Woke up Sunday to some wind, about 15-20 mph fro the NNW, white caps out to the horizon.
Weather has been great, temps close to 70 during the day and cool and chilly at night and then about 10-11am it becomes nice
Going to watch the Cardinal's game and hopefully they start winning again.
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Updated late Sunday,
Wind has really picked up with swells building.
Coming in from the west now
Mr. Fish Taco was closed, so no fish tacos for dinner, JJ's had about 10 people in there watching the afternoon NFL games.

The AZ Card's won, (Yeah they were playing the Giants) their defense played so well they had 8 sacks on NY. HR #43 had 5 sacks.
I really wish they would have picked up his rookie option year, it will cost somebody big $$ to sign him next year.
He's a Chandler Jones lite.

Now to see if the cabinet guys come tomorrow to start the install.