Trump and the wall

Discussion in 'Border' started by Roberto, Jun 15, 2017.

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    This is relevant to Mexico because the border wall is mentioned......

    "I met with Pope Francis today. He's a really great pope; great, great pope. You know he's the leader of the Catholic Church; big church. I couldn't believe it when he told me how many Catholics there are. Way more than I thought. They have churches all over the world; some are very, very close (so close) to my hotels and golf courses."

    "He took me into the Sistine Chapel. Beautiful ceiling. I don't think too many people even know about this place. The paintings are great, I'm telling you. The Pope (great guy, by the way, knows more about the Bible than almost anybody, we got along great, I think he really likes me) told me the whole thing was painted by this young Italian; I think his name is Michael Angelo. At least that's what Francis (we're great friends) called him, I think. Trust me, we're going to hear more about him. He's really artistic, and everybody tells me I have the greatest eye for the bestest art. I told Frank I'd like to buy some of Mike's art. I asked him if Mike's done anything on velvet. He'll check (great guy). I'll hang his stuff at Mar-a-Lago or Trump Tower. He needs more exposure. He's too much with the churches. He could paint my presidential portrait on the Capitol Dome. Or maybe a mural on my big, beautiful border wall, but just our side."

    "Unbelievable. The fake media is at it again. I just saw something on TV that Michael died 450 years ago. Sad. I've already got some people looking into this and you won't believe what they're finding."
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    are you on drugs.jpg
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    Probably interpreted by a flaming liberal.
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    No flaming liberals around here. No sir.
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    That's Liberals with a Capitol L.
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