US Halts All Mexico Shrimp Imports Today Due to Sea Turtle Concerns


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More detailed information including Penasco from De Frente:

U.S. USA formalizes embargo against Mexican shrimp; the crustacean cannot be exported
Shrimp export to US soil generates foreign currency for Mexico rising to $ 257 million per year
Taken from: Staff / Indigo
The United States officialized the embargo against Mexican shrimp, after withdrawing certification to our country for improper use of Excluding Marine Turtle Devices (DET's)
The embargo, which prohibits the export of shrimp to US soil, will be effective from this Friday, April 30
It was the State Department, through the Federal Register, that issued the No. 11419 public notice reporting on this measure.
′′ The Department suspended Mexico's certification because its sea turtle protection program is no longer comparable to the US ", they mention in the document.
The export of wild Mexican shrimp to the United States generates currency for Mexico totalling $ 257 million per year.
After four inspection visits carried out in two years by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA), to Campeche, Mazatlán, Puerto Chiapas, Puerto Juárez, Puerto Peñasco, Salina Cruz, San Blas and Tampico, in which they were found irregularities in using DET's.
Due to these infringements, the US decided to withdraw the certification and as a consequence the export permit of this crustacean to Mexico.
Countries like Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gabon, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama and Suriname still maintain their permission to export shrimp to the United States, due to their marine turtle protection programs.