Used Appliances Find New Life...

Today I get to play the MayTag delivery man... a friend whom I have met here on the forum, has purchased new appliances for their home in Las Conchas and they are wanting to donate their used ones (stove and frig)... I have already found homes in need of these appliances and will be delivering them today...

:woo:Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... "Kathy a.k.a. Kea" you have just made life a whole lot more convenient for 2 households here in RP... :thumbsup:
Kathy a.k.a. Kea... Thank you once again, it was such a treat to see the BIG smiles on Rosie's and Laura's faces when we gave them the stove and frig... and it was great to see you again... Thanks again for the help today, and I hope we see you tomorrow night at the potluck...


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Sounds interesting but still not likely. Our house is still a construction zone - parts of the kitchen are in the living room and the laundry room is in the hallway. Etc. Etc. Etc. They did come and fill the new (old) propane tank, but the lines haven't been tested yet and we do plan to be here for that procedure. Not planning on cooking anything until I know for sure everything is working properly.