Visa requirements for Russian citizens to travel to Rocky Point


My in-laws from Russia are (hopefully) coming to visit us in AZ in summer of 2019 and we would like to take them to rocky point, but we are unsure of the visa requirements for Russian citizens. I seem to find information related to Russians visiting the interior of Mexico rather than in the "Free Zone". The will have multi-entry visa for the US, but not sure if what we need to get for RP.




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Prolly the same all over Mexico but ……… I would be more concerned about getting back into the US and be sure you are OK there. In reality no one is going to want to see anything to get into Mexico or while you are here. I have never, over 15 years here permanent been asked for any immigration papers in Mexico, except when I made the mistake of buying a house.
As long as they have their multi-entry visa with them they should be OK on the US side, but they are paranoid about Mexico. I've not been asked ever myself, but wanted to reassure them. :)


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Just be sure they leave their guns and shells at home. Understand a little nervousness but they can rest assured. If you get the red light for inspection they will just look over your car and contents. The do not inspect visas . They are tax people not immigration. for some reassurance you can stop just across the line and get a visitors visa for a coupe of bucks. Might reassure them if they have a legal visa.