Walter's Brats still around?


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In years past I have purchased brats from Walter Malchow, out of his home off Freemont. He seems to be gone now. Does anyone know what happened?

His website has been overtaken by a marketing firm and his Facebook page is missing.



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Walter got married a while back and they lived here for a while but eventually moved to Arizona after Walter got his visa situation figured out, I doubt he is making sausages anymore even in Arizona.


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Hi Friends, that’s right, since August /September 2017 I am living in the States. Right now I got the approval for a permanent Resident inside the USA.
It’s also right, that I am not producing my brats as a Buisiness. I do it only private.
You can enjoy these Brats by visiting me in Woodbine,IA.


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Hi Walter,
It's good to hear from you. Hope y'all are happy in Iowa. That's a long way to go for your brats, but I know it would be worth it.
Kea (& Jeff) from Las Conchas & Austin, TX.