What is your favorite restaurant for breakfast?


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I'm looking for the best 'huevos rancheros' in Rocky Point.

Or for a 'bacon and eggs' type traditional breakfast.

Post to help your fellow Rocky Point friends!



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If you mean Huevos Rancheros a la New Mexican style I have not found that here.

Straight up Bacon and Eggs try Latitude.

Friend told me that Reggies 8/12 is serving a complete breakfast but have not tried it.


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Even though it's not as inexpensive as a lot of others and the restaurant is small inside, KAFEE HAUS! check out their trip advisor reviews. they definitely use quality ingredients, I get a special made omelet every time they can put whatever you want. my fiance gets chorizo or a Ranchero style shredded beef and he says it's delicious, you can check out their website ahead of time and even view their menu. It will come up on a Google search even spelling it "coffee house" as long as you type Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.YUM Im hungry now!
I did see a good special at Latitudes I believe its Monday through Friday for the typical American breakfast items. they had that on their website to check out also.


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Pink Cadillac serves good, traditional gringo-style breakfasts (bacon and eggs, hash browns, etc.).


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Balboa's is another good place for breakfast. Good food & reasonably priced with a quiet atmosphere. We ate on their outdoor patio overlooking the harbor with all the ships & activities. Very enjoyable.


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My favorite meal in Rocky Point is breakfast. There are so many places that are good and different. Lolita's is excellent and cheap if you just want chorizo and eggs or machaca and eggs. They serve it with french fries and some beans and a big basket of tortillas. LaCurva is delicous, but more pricy. I get the seafood omelet. Rosie's huevos rancheros are different but delicious. Rosie's has the best salsa. If you want American, Max's cafe is the place.


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Chilaquilies at Colin's Cantina at the Princesa...
Kaffee Haus also gets a vote! I had the bacon/eggs/pancakes combo yesterday and it was excellent! 3 of us had big brunch sized breakfasts (2 with coffee and 1 with orange juice) and the bill was $340 pesos.

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I really like Candy Cakes - the atmosphere is nice, the food is good, (as well as the coffee) and they have amazing pastries...


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I usually do not make recommendations in fear that a favorite place of mine will get busy. I will however recommend Xochtl's in Cholla Bay for a great inexpensive breakfast.