Wierd scene coming into Rocky Point today.


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I was just outside of Sonoyta on the highway to Rocky Point when 2 or 3 cop cars, plus a army truck whizzed past me at high speed coming from Sonoyta. I did not see them again until we hit Rocky Point. At the place on the way out of town where the army checkpoint used to be.

What seemed unusual was, it looked like a barricade. There were piles of cop cars, both the army and the cops were armed to the teeth, with automatic weapons lots of guys there. It looked like they were waiting for someone. it's the first time I have seen cops heavily armed as well as the army.

I wonder what was going down.


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Over the many years, we have seen a couple incidents of similar drama. It does leave you wondering, when you witness it, what the story is. But in any case, they are apparently "on it," which is what counts.


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Something is going down near Sandy Beach...helicopter, tracer rounds, and a war-zone like atmosphere. Needless to say, we are beyond nervous.

Sounds like it's over.


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We heard the helicopters around 6:00 am, then some sporatic gunfire near The Hut. In a few minutes the helicopter gunship began unleashing a barrage of fire as I opened our back door to see what was going on. The bullets were richocheting off the ground and flying towards the Sonoran Spa. Needless to say I retreated back inside! This went on for over an hour - with sporatic automatic weapon fire and the gunship firing several more times along the road towards Cholla Bay.

When the gatling gun fired it did sound like a war zone - it was loud enough to set off car alarms in the parking lot!

What a start to the day!!
We we startled awake at 515 with gun fire and flash bangs at one of the villas here. It seems to have started here a Bella sirena. It went on for 2 hours. There are multiple federalies and police still searching the grounds. On the grounds and the road directly in front of the gates which are all bent up are multiple shot up vehicles. When the helo was shooting on the road just outside, my heart skipped a beat. We live here with our 10 year old. As I am writing this three more guns shots.
So, there had been more than three. The military came in a bout 20 min. Ago looked like they were clearing the area. My guess is, the area wasn't clear.


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More gunshots a few minutes ago near us - hard to tell where it's coming from as it echoes off all the buildings - but sounded like small arms fire.
So someone just shot at the military...... Out of one of the villas. No one got hit. The have police/military stationed on some of our balconies, you can see their guns poking out of the railings on the C building.
Looks likes they may have stormed in on the villas after a huge flash bang. We can't see really well. The villas The action is taking place is the villas on the left if you are standing at the pool bar looking at the beach.